Matrix Rhythm Therapy

What is Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

It is the most advanced German therapy in the field of rehabilitation. Matrix rhythm therapy is a cellular therapy which resets the lost rhythm of cells of neuro-musculo-skeletal systems by opening the channels which supplies important nutrients to cells, which in turn improve cell functioning to optimum. This helps in reducing symptoms like- pain, stiffness, heaviness, numbness, tingling, swelling etc. It cancels joint injection or muscular injection for pain and swelling. Even it gives good result in very chronic (since very long time) conditions. It is highly recommended for speedy recovery.

It works successfully in following conditions:

  1. Orthopaedics and rheumatology:
    • Pain and stiffness of all joints e.g. after fractures, frozen shoulder, degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis of knee, spondylosis, prolapsed disc
    • Ankylosis spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, flexion contracture (muscle hardening)
    • Various soft tissue conditions e.g duputren contracture, plantar fasciitis, tendinopathies, fibromyalgia
    • Faster recovery after all joint surgeries e.g. Ligament and meniscal surgery, hip/kneejoint replacement
    • Faster recovery after surgery of removing the part/ whole leg or arm to save life (amputation) especially in diabetes patients
  2. Sports and fitness:
    • All sports related injuries: ligament injury, muscle injury
    • For prevention of injuries
    • For Improvement of performance in each event
  3. Women’s health:
    • Pregnancy induced back pain, groin pain
  4. Vascular surgery and plastic surgery:
    • Non healing ulcers especially in diabetes patients
    • After tendon transfer
    • After bariatric surgery
    • Post surgical scar healing
  5. Cancer surgery:
    • After Cancer surgery - restricted mouth opening , swelling in arm after removal of breast (lymphedema)
  6. Dental problems:
    • TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint)disc prolapsed- difficulty in opening the mouth
    • TMJ arthritis