Prenatal & Postnatal fitness class

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Mother's Fitness during Pregnancy & thereafter:

Pregnancy brings lot of changes in the female's body. Physical fitness of pregnant woman is equally important as fitness of growing child in the womb. Exercise during pregnancy improves physical and emotional health of the pregnant lady which makes the pregnancy an enjoyable experience forever. ...!!

  1. Common problems during pregnancy:
    • Back pain
    • Leg pain , cramps, Swelling in feet
    • Groin pain, Wrist pain
    • Tiredness
    • Urinary leakage
    • Extreme weight gain
    • Stress
  2. Benefits of exercise during pregnancy:
    • Pregnancy usually leaves women feeling tired, exercises boosts up your energy & facilitate feeling of well-being
    • Reduces mental stress and promotes good mood
    • Reduces back pain, leg pain, swelling in feet
    • Gives better sleep
    • Improves your self-image by correcting your posture
    • Controls extreme weight gain
    • Tones up overstretched abdominal (belly)muscles
    • Tones up muscles of birth canal which are going to be overstretched during delivery
    • Prepares body and mind for childbirth in better way, which makes delivery an easy experience
    • Improves tolerance during delivery, less exhaustion during labor
    • Faster recovery after delivery. Recovery period shortens up to half than usually required
  3. Benefits of exercise after delivery:
    • Faster regain of abdominal muscles tone- shaping & melting down your bigger tummy
    • Improves urinary control
    • Decreases post partum depression
    • Faster weight loss- to regain pre-pregnancy weight
    • Reduces occurrence of low back pain in future

Note:Exercise during pregnancy should not be tried without supervision of an expert.